Aptiv chose the Hoger glovebox to protect the operator

Aptiv, formerly known as Delphi, decided to install the Hoger glovebox. For over a decade, the Krakow Technical Center has been supporting the largest car brands, implementing modern technologies in the automotive industry. The Hoger glovebox will protect specialists working in dangerous conditions.

Aptiv was looking for the optimal solution that would enable them to carry out dangerous processes without endangering the operator’s health.

– The employees of the technical department of the company cover objects with a special nanopowder before the three-dimensional scanning process. The powder itself is not harmful, but as a substance with nanometric dimensions it can get into the lungs and under the skin and thus create a danger for the operator’s health. In order to eliminate the risk, the entire process has now been moved to the glovebox – explains Krzysztof Skupień, Managing Director of Hoger.

Experts from the Hoger  have offered Aptiv a glovebox made of safety glass, mounted in an aesthetic aluminum frame, with a raised front panel. The glovebox is equipped with PLC automation controlling the negative pressure inside the glovebox and dynamically adjusting the fan speed to ensure proper working conditions.

– The glovebox works in underpressure. Ambient air is sucked in through the HEPA filter into the interior of the glovebox, and spent, contaminated air is removed outside via two HEPA filters class H14 placed cascade. This solution maximizes the degree of operator protection against pollination – adds Krzysztof Skupień.

The wear rate of the filter is monitored on an ongoing basis using differential pressure gauges, so that an operator obtains a clear indication to their periodic replacement. The glovebox is additionally equipped with comfortable LED work place lighting. Technicians can take advantage of the economic operation mode characterized by reduced consumption of electric energy with still sufficient system filter parameters.

Type of glovebox used in Aptiv: operator protection, glazed glovebox without antechamber, work in underpressure in the ambient atmosphere.

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