We are a team of engineers specializing in construction issues, material engineering and automation of innovative industrial processes. We use our skills and knowledge to build devices that help in working with nanomaterials, as well as sensitive and hazardous substances. We manufacture gloveboxs of a proprietary design, providing operators with safety during contact with harmful compounds, isolating sensitive materials against oxygen and moisture and protecting the work environment against what is undesirable.

HOGER gloveboxes are used, among others in the medical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Their individual elements are designed, prepared and matched to each other by our specialists focused on meeting even the most unusual customer expectations. We attach great importance to the quality of the materials used, from stainless steel elements to durable gloves made of chemically resistant materials, thus guaranteeing the high quality of our products.

Importantly, we treat each project individually, taking into account all specific customer requirements during its implementation. In addition to standard products, we design gloveboxes in every respect to the application and individual needs of the user.

Construction department

It is here that the first conceptual works are carried out, new solutions are designed, tailored to the individual applications of our clients, and subsequent, even the most unusual projects take real shape. Apart from rich experience and unlimited imagination, modern simulation and design tools help us in construction work.

Simultaneously with the creation of digital models of gloveboxes in the virtual space, our clients can take advantage of the invitation to our test center, where they have a unique opportunity to verify the theoretical assumptions related to the shape of the future system and its actual operation, using a physical mock-up for this purpose. It gives an irreplaceable experience of handling the glove box and the possibility to test assumptions about its geometry and ergonomics.

Automation and IT Department

The two key features of HOGER systems, which we care about in particular, are functionality and reliability. Their achievement is the task (and at the same time a merit) of the employees of our Automation and IT department responsible, among others. for developing the basic and individualized functional features of the gloveboxes, identifying potential emergency situations and designing the corresponding safety systems. As a result, the implementation of each project is associated with the creation of complete control systems guaranteeing both comfortable use of the systems and proper protection of the product and / or operator.

Taking care of the invaluable time of the users of our gloveboxes, we also attach great importance to the automation of processes: both service activities, such as regeneration of adsorption units or leakage tests, as well as typical operational activities. The second of the above-mentioned aspects, currently intensively developed by our Automation and IT department, is implemented through the use of a programmable robot arm adapted to parallel work with a human. And to make working with our gloveboxes even more pleasant, we also took care of the intuitive interface of the control panel with aesthetic graphics.

Marketing and Sales Department

Our overriding goal is customer happiness and full satisfaction, which is ensured by the employees of the Sales Department on a daily basis. By acting as an intermediary between our engineers and potential and current customers, they help in presenting a wide range of our products and in meeting the current needs related to the service and maintenance of HOGER gloveboxes. The sales department is the company’s showcase, provides our customers with professional assistance and ensures that the ordered systems not only meet the requirements of future users, but also comply with the applicable standards and regulations regarding the safety of use in specialized processes.

What’s more, the invaluable experience gained during the sale of HOGER gloveboxes translates into the constantly broadened knowledge of our customers’ needs, which is used in the development of existing products and building the company’s marketing image.


In our work, we do not limit ourselves to the assembly of devices based on a previously prepared CAD project. The implementation of each order is associated with a multi-stage validation process, confirming the compliance of the product with the conceptual assumptions and requirements for work safety. This process includes, among others:

  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis aimed at determining the nature of air flow in the box and excluding the presence of the so-called dead zones – tests performed with the use of SolidWorks Simulations software
  • filter integrity measurements to confirm the proper filtration efficiency – tests performed using the ViCount Aero aerosol generator and the AeroTrak 9310 particle counter integrated with a dedicated ATI D100 diluter
  • confirmation of the required class of box tightness and locks in accordance with ISO 10648-2 – tests performed with the use of independent pressure sensors DMP343 and PVM620
  • measurements of air flows and working pressure in the box to determine the proper efficiency of the ventilation system – tests performed using a SCHMIDT® Flow Sensor SS 20.250 speed transducer and a DMP343 pressure sensor
  • electrical safety measurements for compliance with the PN-EN 61010-1 standard – tests performed with the Metrel MI 3394 CE MultiTesterXA meter
  • validation of safety systems carried out by activating emergency situations and monitoring the reaction of the control system
  • measurements of the effectiveness of the box interior decontamination with hydrogen peroxide gas – tests performed with the Cleamix VSC-20M generator and chemical indicators

If your process requires an even higher security guarantee, we will carry out an individualized certification process for compliance with selected standards, supervised by independent research and certification units.

dr inż. Krzysztof Skupień
President of the Management Board, co-founder of HogerBox Ltd.

A graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, he defended his doctoral thesis in the field of nanoparticle material engineering at the Krakow University of Technology. An expert in the field of nanomaterials, co-author of several international scientific publications and patent applications. Since 2000, he has been conducting scientific research involving the practical use of modern submicron materials, including in photovoltaics and printed electronics. He worked in prestigious foreign research units such as the German Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy in Freiburg or the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan. Since 2009, he has been managing his own business on the market of advanced technologies implementation. As the President of the Management Board of HogerBox Ltd. supervises the current activity of the company and sets its main directions of development.

dr inż. Anna Stępień
Vice President of the Management Board, co-founder of HogerBox Ltd.

A graduate of the Faculty of Energy and Fuels at the AGH University of Science and Technology, she defended her doctoral dissertation with honors in the field of material engineering for modern energy technologies. Co-author of several dozen scientific publications. She has worked in research centers, AGH University of Science and Technology, University of Technology Beijing (China) and Shibaura Institute of Technology (Japan). Winner of many awards and distinctions, incl. scholarship of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for Outstanding Young Scientists, scholarship of the Foundation for Polish Science and the Nernst Prize of the Institute of Energy. For over two years, it has been developing in the industrial sector, where within 3D-nano and HogerBox Ltd. conducts research and commercial projects, as well as the Vice President of the Management Board of HogerBox Ltd. controls the company’s current challenges.

We manufacture gloveboxes of our own design, which provide operators with safety during contact with harmful compounds, isolate sensitive materials from oxygen and moisture and protect the work environment from what is undesirable.

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