Nano-hazards difficult to catch – Hoger in the Puls Biznesu

The EU campaign for 2018-2019 titled “Hazardous substances under control” is gaining momentum – journalist Iwona Jackowska writes about it on Thursday (30/09/2018) release of Puls Biznesu. The expert in the article is our managing director Krzysztof Skupień.

– Nanoparticles can destroy cells of the body through damage to the cell membrane, accumulate in internal organs and change internal processes – says Krzysztof Skupień, Managing Director of Hoger.

He points out that the number of workers exposed to nanoparticles is much higher than those employed in the production of nanomaterials.

– They can be released as a by-product in many industrial processes, such as heat treatment and machining. The truth, however, is that with harmful substances we also meet in small companies, which often deal with modern technologies – adds Krzysztof Skupień.


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