9 March 2018


For processes requiring highly stringent conditions of anaerobic and dry atmospheres we offer professional steel gloveboxes by HOGER




  • Box made of stainless steel
  • Highly durable gloves made of chemically resistant material
  • The modular design allows connecting chambers to systems
  • The table under the chamber is made of stainless steel, equipped with lockable wheels to facilitate the mobility of the set
  • Energy-efficient interior lighting of the chamber
  • Front made of polycarbonate or safety glass with anti-static coating and scratch-resistant
  • The ability to adjust the dimensions and chamber geometry to individual customer requirements


  • An efficient system for purification the atmosphere from oxygen and moisture to levels well below 1 ppm H2O/O2
  • Silent atmosphere purification technology contributing to improved work comfort
  • HEPA H14 dust filters installed inside the box
  • Programmable PLC type controller connected to a touch panel with control in Polish or English
  • Automatic overpressure compensation valve in the chamber independent of the electric power supply
  • Protection against pressure increase inside the chamber in the conditions of power supply decay
  • The automatic control system of the set overpressure inside the chamber
  • Oxygen and moisture sensors with indications on the PLC controller


Hoger glove box working in SMART FLOW product protection mode
Dimensions Material Specification
Glovebox 2-ports / 3-ports/ 4-ports Stainless steel 1.4301 Tightness in accordance with DIN 25412 and ISO 10648-2, class 1
Front panel  adapted to the dimensions of the chamber polycarbonate / safety glass Unscrewed front of the chamber made of safety glass, with increased resistance to scratches, reducing the formation of electrostatic charges..
Ports diameter 220 mm POM / polyamide Twisted, contoured ports for convenient glove installation
Gloves adjust to customer requirements Butyl / antistatic butyl/ neoprene/ hypalon/ EPDM The material is adapted to the processes carried out in the chamber
Size adapted to the requirements of customers
Antechamber adjust to customer requirements stainless steel
  • two glass covers
  • valves: filling and emptying
  • movable tray
  • manometer
  • three-way valve



Acrylic and glass gloveboxes are a perfect solution for processes requiring reduced values of oxygen and moisture. The high standard of safety and stable atmosphere conditions allow the use of the chamber as an advanced desiccator, eg in the pharmaceutical industry (storage of patterns) and for work with strongly hygroscopic substances.



  • Solid box made of PMMA or glass
  • Comfortable, large square antechamber adjusted to the customer’s requirements
  • Possibility to adjust the dimensions and geometry of the chamber to individual customer requirements
  • Steel mounting plate for connecting different media (gas, electricity, etc.)
  • Oxygen and moisture sensors
  • Automatic overpressure compensation valve in the chamber independent of the electric power supply
  • The valve also prevents unwanted pressure increase in the chamber, eg during temperature fluctuations and because the applied system does not require any power supply, it protects the chamber and the materials, against damage in the event of a lack of electricity
  • Automatic gas delivery system detecting the pressure drop and controlling the electrovalve admitting gas into the chamber to compensate for its defect. The system works with optional sensors for oxygen and moisture content