The ABB branch in Lodz works with the Hoger glovebox

The Hoger glovebox was installed in the ABB branch in Lodz, which is one of the world leaders in the production of solutions for the power industry and automation. Its main task was to protect the materials tested inside against the outflow of moisture. One of the major challenges that the company set before suppliers was the non-standard dimensions of the ordered device.

ABB was looking for a glovebox with above-standard dimensions, because it needed to place its own testing device inside. None of the available gloveboxes on the market offered such opportunities.

– ABB came to us with very specific requirements, which – as it turned out – other companies on the market did not meet. We proposed a powder-coated steel glovebox without a antechamber, with dimensions expected by the customer and within the budget. In addition, our device is embedded on a mobile table, so you can move them freely – explains Paweł Boratyński, technology director at Hoger

The glovebox installed in ABB works in overpressure, in an atmosphere made by the flow of inert gas or compressed, ultra-clean air. Thanks to this, operators obtain a space inside the device with a reduced content of oxygen and moisture or only moisture – depending on the needs.

– Working with the glovebox is not very complicated. The operator places the material in the box  through the raised front panel, then activates the inert gas flow and after after getting the right atmosphere, he can start work- adds Paweł Boratyński. 

In the glovebox like this, can be processed insulating elements of transformers  sensitive to environmental conditions. In their case, only tests carried out in a protective atmosphere allow obtaining reliable results.

Type of glovebox used in  in ABB: material protection, steel glovebox, inert gas or clean air, overpressure.

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