How to protect the product and the operator? Hoger at the InterNanoPoland 2018 conference

The third edition of the InterNanoPoland 2018 industry conference will take place on September 12-13 in Katowice. Krzysztof Skupień, Managing Director of Hoger, will tell you how to protect the operator and product with the help of glove boxes.

InterNanoPoland 2018 is an international forum for scientists, entrepreneurs, business environment institutions working in the areas related to nanomaterials and nanotechnology. This event gathers a growing group of participants every year. Krzysztof Skupień together with 3D-nano took part in previous editions, as well as in other meetings of the Nanonet foundation – the main organizer of the event.

– This year, during InterNanoPoland 2018, we will present our latest achievement – the Hoger brand, which manufactures glove boxes that protect the operator and the product – says Krzysztof Skupień. – These are specialized devices that provide operators with safety during contact with hazardous materials, isolate sensitive materials from oxygen and moisture, and protect the working environment from what is undesirable.

The Hoger brand has been operating on the market since the beginning of this year. Its mission coincides with an important and current information campaign developed by the European Union for 2018-2019, pt. “A healthy and safe workplace. Hazardous substances under control “. In August, the company became the official partner of the campaign.

– According to the report of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU OSHA), nanomaterials and nanotechnologies are perceived as one of the main new danger to the health of employees – says Paweł Boratyński, director of technology at Hoger. – Our products –  Polish gloveboxes, are a solution not only for those who work with nanomaterials. They also work well in industrial processes in which nanomaterials are released as a side product – he adds.

Krzysztof Skupień will tell you about the new campaign and methods of operator protection on September 12 at 12:10-12:30.

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