3N, or nanotechnology, nonsafe, networking

The InterNanoPoland2018 conference has gone down in history. For us, it stood under the sign of the three letters “N”, from which the words leading up to this event begin: nanotechnology, nonsafe and networking.


There is no doubt. InterNanoPoland is a place where everyone who works in the area related to nanomaterials and nanotechnology must be – a scientist, student, entrepreneur or representative of business environment institutions. It does not matter if it performs with the presentation or posters or whether it simply joins the discussions on technological topics. And during the conference, you talk about nanotechnology from every perspective. This year, the organizers focused on the application of science in industry, material functionalization and their utility in medicine, on new products in the legal and ethical fields, the latest research equipment and development opportunities for research and development projects.


Recently, we became a partner of the European Union information campaign “Hazardous substances under control”. Why? Because its main assumption is to raise the awareness of employers and employees in the area of ​​reducing risks in the workplace, as well as informing about the risks associated with hazardous substances and protective measures.

Our contribution to the improvement of safety in the nanotechnology industry is the offer of specialized gloveboxes allowing, depending on the configuration, protection of the operator against the material or protection of the material against the influence of oxygen and humidity from the atmosphere. We design and manufacture chambers for only a year, but we rely on our more than ten years of experience in working with nanomaterials.

The goal is one – to maximize safety during the performance of various works in research and development, pharmaceutical and biochemical laboratories, as well as during work with microorganisms, pathogenic substances, radiochemical and chemical carcinogenic substances.

During our presentation at INP2018 titled “Safe with the hazardous, how to protect the product and the operator” we told about the dangers of working with nanomaterials and the best protective measures.


And this is probably the greatest value of such events. We met with companies and institutions that we already know, but also established a completely new relations, including startups working with nanotechnology. Significantly, the young generations of innovators put safety first. We are happy that we could tell them about our work and gloveboxes, which can also be used in their laboratories, raising the safety of scientists and the entire production process.

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