The National Center for Nuclear Research in Świerk uses the HOGER glovebox

The National Center for Nuclear Research, one of the largest medical institutes in Poland, chose a Hoger glovebox in their laboratories in Świerk. The device protects operators working with dangerous materials.

NCBJ deals with nuclear energy, basic research in the field of subatomic physics and the use of nuclear physics methods and the development of nuclear technologies. The Center also produces radiopharmaceuticals and devices for various branches of science and industry including medicine.

– NCBJ reported to us because they was looking for a glovebox made of stainless steel to work with hazardous materials. We got the requirements for the configuration and equipment of the box and we proposed a glovebox with a raised front panel and a transfer antechamber. The device is equipped with PLC automation, controlling the negative pressure inside it and dynamically adjusting the fan speed to ensure proper working conditions – explains Paweł Boratyński, director of technology at Hoger.

The glovebox installed in the National Center for Nuclear Research works in underpressure. Ambient air is sucked in through the HEPA H13 filter into the box. Waste and polluted air is removed outside via a carbon filter. The glovebox uses a readable differential pressure gauge, which indicates the vacuum value inside the glovebox. The device is additionally equipped with comfortable LED  lighting. Operators can switch the device into the “eco” mode, which reduces the consumption of electric power while maintaining the system’s functionality.

– At the request of NCBJ we installed additional elements in the glovebox: mounting plates placed in the bottom and on the side of the device as well as rails for fixing the auxiliary apparatus. Mounting plates – by placing signal connectors or manipulators through them – they enable integration with external devices by means of which work in a glovebox is carried out. Thanks to all these elements, our solution is ideally suited to the client’s needs, his current equipment and work plans with the chamber – sums up Paweł Boratyński.

Type of glovebox used in the National Center for Nuclear Research in Świerk: operator protection, stainless steel chamber with antechamber and mobile table, work in underpressure in the ambient atmosphere.

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