The Belgian research institute VITO once again chooses HOGER gloveboxes

VITO, the largest research organization in Belgium, decided to install an acrylic glove box for material protection. This is the second project for VITO, which is carried out by Hoger experts. The project is ongoing. The VITO research institute was looking for an acrylic glovebox for conducting plasma processes in an inert gas atmosphere. The Purchaser presented do specific requirements, like the possibility of working in an increased inert gas flow, an additional mounting plate placed in the roof of the glovebox and oxygen concentration measurement system with visualization of reaching the threshold of oxygen concentration inside.

– After analyzing the Institute’s expectations, we offered them a glovebox made of polymethyl methacrylate, PMMA, with a UV filter, a screwed front and antechamber. The glovebox is equipped with an oxygen sensor integrated with automation indicating the achievement of conditions enabling the start of the process – says Krzysztof Skupień, Managing Director of HOGER

The glovebox works in overpressure in the inert gas flow. It is equipped with an oxygen sensor and measuring automatics with visualization of oxygen concentration above and below the threshold value, decisive for the possibility of starting the process. The device is entirely made of organic glass (PMMA), equipped with a removable front and transfer antechamber, in which you can also control the oxygen concentration by selecting the appropriate measurement mode. To meet the requirement of operating in an increased flow of the inert gas Hoger designed suitable oil valve that allows such mode of operation.

–  We are especially pleased that another research group from VITO came to us. We already had the opportunity to work with this institute and our projects – as you can see – have been appreciated, and the devices worked on a daily basis- adds Krzysztof Skupień

Type of glovebox used in VITO: material protection, acrylic glovebox with antechamber, working in positive pressure inert gas atmosphere

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