HOGER in Industrial Express

In the latest issue of Industrial Express (September 2018, issue 19) – a magazine intended for engineers and managers of the industrial sector – you can read an article by Krzysztof SkupieĊ„, our managing director.

The material entitled “Safely and unsafe How to protect the product and the operator” focuses on the description of appropriate protection measures against dangerous substances. The background to them is also information on the latest European Union campaign for 2018-2019 titled “Hazardous substances under control”, which Hoger became a partner in Poland.

Why is Hoger talking about this campaign? Its goals are consistent with the mission of the company, which provides gloveboxes to Polish enterprises, helps to protect employees, effectively separating dangerous substances from humans during various work in research and development, pharmaceutical and biochemical laboratories, as well as when working with microorganisms, pathogenic substances, material radiochemical and chemical carcinogen.

In the article you can also see photos of glovebox made by Hoger and read about specific realizations for Polish but also foreign companies.

The magazine can be purchased at Empik (page 52) or download pdf-a here.


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