Specialist isolator-type box successfully installed at the Central Institute for Labor Protection-National Research Institute in Warsaw! In cooperation with the Institute, a solution was adapted, which is part of the stand for testing the emission of nano-objects.

In this case, HOGERBOX is devoid of standard glove ports, so as to provide a physical barrier that protects the operator from harmful particles during testing through the use of high-class tightness and an effective filtration system. Inside, there is a device provided by CIOP-PIB that enables simulation of destructive processes (friction, abrasion, etc.) on the tested material.

The study will cover the emission of nanoparticles from materials covered with functional layers (e.g. upholstery fabrics, solid construction materials). Access to the interior of the chamber to prepare research works will be possible by raising the front.

The structure of the box was designed to meet the requirements and assumptions of the process:

  1. Raising the front of the box and placing the sample (e.g. fabric) in the built-in device simulating the process of nanoparticle emission (e.g. friction),
  2. Emission of nano-objects,
  3. Redirection of polluted air from the box to a particle counter which is connected in series with the box,
  4. Launch of the HOGERBOX ventilation system, which cleans the inside of the box from remaining nanoparticles,
  5. Safe removal of the test object

From now on, the entire system will function in the CIOP-PIB laboratory, enabling profiled research on work ergonomics, health protection and employee safety!

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