Our prestigious 2022 project includes the design, construction and installation of 8 gloveboxes to equip DECON chemical rescue vehicles, manufactured by Wiss Company – Special Vehicles Engineering. The isolator-type gloveboxes are certified for Class III microbiological protection and are integrated with a decontamination system using a gaseous form of hydrogen peroxide.

The firefighting trucks are used to combat CBRNE threats. Users of DECON vehicles are the Specialized Chemical and Environmental Rescue Groups of the State Fire Service in the following locations:

? JRG Nowa Sarzyna

? JRG 6 Warszawa

? JRG 4 Łódź

? JRG 2 Gliwice-Łabędy

? JRG 6 Poznań

? JRG 2 Szczeciń

? JRG 1 Olsztyn

? JRG 3 Toruń

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